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Two Birds Fit - How it began...

It all started with a little conversation about dating with one of my friends...


Niko: How's it going with online dating?

Karen: Meh... I've decided to change things up, rather than go out for coffee or a drink - we go grocery shopping. 

Niko: Why?

Karen: Because I'm a busy girl - and if the date sucks, at least I can get my eggs & bananas!

Niko: Haha! That's great!

Karen: Yep, Two birds - one stone!

- Thank you for exploring Two Birds... I'm so happy you're here!

- Karen :) 



One part movement, One part speed dating…

It’s time for something better than swiping left or right on a picture. It’s time to start building organic connections with fun, laughter, movement and play at the heart of the connection. It’s time to set the phones aside and sweat it out over playful and challenging workouts and see if any new connections take flight!


You don’t have to look a certain way, wear the cutest workout gear or be a certain fitness level. Starting off on common ground with like minded people who aren’t afraid of jumping in, actively participating and being who they are is what it’s all about. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate - just be kind to yourself and know that the environment we create and strive for is positive and inclusive. 


The goal isn't necessarily for you to find your person...  but if you do, fantastic! The goal is for you to be surrounded by positivity, fun and a little sweat - all while making connections along the workout. If you do feel like you "click" with someone, you just let us know and Two Birds will connect you!


The Two Birds Team were so friendly & welcoming! I was pretty nervous trying something as new as speed dating while working out! However, I'm glad that I tried it. So much better than using any dating apps! I really hope to see this event continue to succeed as I love the idea of it! Thank you both for the positive experience! 

- Lexi

 I had such a great time working out with the group and meeting people! The instructors made the experience fun and provided a challenging workout with lots of icebreakers. I'll be back!

- Two Birds Gal :) 


Attending the workout with Two Birds was a great way to meet people in a stress free environment. The trainers bring a lot of fun energy & make the whole experience worth it.  There were no awkward moments when working out with another person because you can just bond over the exercises if you have nothing else to talk about. I had a great time & even worked up a little sweat.

- Two Birds Guy :) 


This was pretty cool. The hosts are very welcoming and helpful. The people were nice and fun, great way to meet people. 


Thank you for a fun and different Saturday morning! Such a great idea for an event! I love how you prefaced it with matches not being the goal, but a bonus, and the goal was connecting with similar people. That was great! 


 This is so exciting and such a great experience! I think you've got something really special & I personally can't wait to see this concept grow. And yes, please give____ my number, looking forward to what might unfold.



I am really glad I attended this event. You guys are doing something great, amazing and fun. Please share my contact info with ____. Your program has GREAT potential and I look forward to hearing that your business has grown in a major way. Thank you for hosting the event and for the very detailed follow-up email. 

- Apollos "Polly"

Two Birds Fit was a fantastic way to enjoy a workout outdoors and getting to meet some fun and nice people. The exercises & conversations were well planned out and the hour went by quickly. I matched with someone & though we didn't click later, super happy to have tried something new that wasn't swiping through a dating app. Definitely will go again!

- Ann

I had so much fun and got in a great workout. For those afraid that the workout is too hard, don't be! I am not in the best shape but moved at my pace which allowed me to have good conversations & laughs with my partners. I definitely felt great energy with the group. Recommendation: absolutely yes! Two Birds were great hosts as well, they made it fun and easy for us who are let's face it, nervously trying to meet a partner. I wish them the best with this. Please go try it out! 

- Two Birds Gal :) 

I had fun last night. I like your concept. I went off all dating apps as I didn't like them & they weren't working.  I think meeting someone in person is the best way to go. I am glad there were 4 pairings last night. You both have great energy!

- Tammy

This was my second session of Two Birds Fit and I have enjoyed both times. The first group was much smaller than the second one and I thought having more people was better, the more the merrier! This offers a great alternative to online dating or the bar scene. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for new experiences or getting back out there. 

- Grant

Thank you! Yes, please feel free to give ____my number. My butt was sore the next day so those squats did me some good! I'l keep an eye out for other events - this is a fantastic idea and I appreciate the low-key way to meet people!

- Ginger

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